exclusive cars

In the fifties, Jacques Coune had his own business "Central Pièces Auto" specialized in the storage and sale of automotive spare parts. He also assembled Panhard cars in a building located at the Ave Ducpétiaux for the company Paul Sterckx.


He had some successes as a race pilot in a Ferrari 166MM like in the race in SPA Francorchamps in 1956. He had a very strong interest in sportive cars.


Moreover, Jacques Coune had a car workshop at the avenue de la Couronne in the fifties and sixties. Coune took care of exclusive sport cars.


Jacques Coune had a special booth (in e.g. 1963, 1964, 1965) at the autosalon in Brussels where he presented his unique creations to the public. He was also distributor of the Italian brand ABARTH and ISO RIVOLTA. These Italian cars were distributed at the same building where Garage Francorchamps was located.